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3 Upcoming Honda Electric SUVs at Shanghai Auto Show

New Honda electric SUVs have been unveiled at the current Shanghai auto show 2023. All three SUVs are prepared for manufacturing and will launch their sales in China.

• The Honda EV SUV lineup was developed in conjunction with two partners.
• Honda and GAC collaborate on the construction of the NS1 SUV line for Dongfeng.
Honda is taking a giant leap in the electric vehicle (EV) market by showcasing three new electric SUVs at the Shanghai Auto Show. The Japanese car manufacturer is set to launch these new electric SUVs in the Chinese market. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting announcement!

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Honda Electric SUVs

The three new honda SUVs showcased at the Shanghai Auto Show are the Honda SUV e: prototype, Honda SUV e: concept, and Honda SUV e: architect.

Honda SUV e – prototype

The Honda SUV e: prototype is the closest to the production version of the three SUVs. It features a sleek, aerodynamic design with an angular front grille, sharp LED headlights, and a sporty bumper. The SUV e: prototype has a maximum output of 140kW and can travel up to 600km on a single charge.

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Honda cars upcoming
Honda cars upcoming

Honda SUV e – concept

The Honda SUV e – concept is a more futuristic-looking SUV with a coupe-style roofline and sharp, angular features. It is equipped with a high-performance electric motor that provides a maximum output of 250kW and can travel up to 500km on a single charge.

Honda SUV e-architect

The Honda SUV e – architect is a larger SUV that features a boxy, rugged design with high ground clearance. It is designed to be a practical and versatile SUV that can be used for both city and off-road driving. It is equipped with two electric motors that provide a maximum output of 370kW and can travel up to 600km on a single charge.

Honda electric cars

Honda has been working on developing its electric vehicle technology for several years now. The company aims to have 100% of its new vehicle sales in China be electric by 2025. Honda is also planning to introduce a new electric platform in the coming years that will be used for a wide range of electric vehicles, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The launch of three new electric SUVs by Honda is a significant step forward in the company’s electric vehicle strategy. With the increasing demand for electric vehicles, it is essential for car manufacturers to innovate and provide new, sustainable options for consumers. Honda’s new electric SUVs are a promising addition to the EV market, and we look forward to seeing them on the roads soon.


When will Honda’s new electric SUVs be available for purchase?

Honda has not yet announced a specific release date for its new electric SUVs.

What is the honda ev suv price?

Honda has not yet announced the pricing details of its new electric SUVs.

What is the range of Honda electric SUVs?

The range of Honda’s new electric SUVs ranges from 500km to 600km on a single charge.

How do Honda’s electric SUVs compare to other electric SUVs in the market?

It is difficult to make a direct comparison without a test drive or full specifications, but Honda’s electric SUVs seem to be promising additions to the EV market.

Will Honda release these new electric SUVs in other markets besides China?

Honda has not yet announced its plans for releasing these new electric SUVs in other markets.

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