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Toyota Innova Hycross Hybrid: On road price, specifications, review 2023

Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova Hycross: Toyota becomes the first in the sequence of India’s renowned MPVs after HyRyder, to blend its highly-acclaimed hybrid technology with an MPV. Yes, now we have the third-generation Toyota Innova having a ground-breaking petrol-electric motor engine that is apparently structured differently from the Innova we have previously known.

The Innova HyCross is packed with creature comforts, ADAS capabilities and multiple features according to Toyota. The Innova HyCross receives a tonne of stylistic upgrades on the interior and exterior and front-wheel drive monocoque construction supported by the new TNGA-C platform, which marks out the big difference. What does this really mean? Find out by reading on!

Innova Hycross Interior

Tech and Interior:
We see a revamped cabin, which prompts us to speak more about it. It is delightful to note the telescopic and tilting capabilities of the steering wheel. Such steering wheels are useful especially for long-distance travel. Despite the much-needed pixel clarity, the 360 degrees surrounding the camera decently gives the outside surrounding view.

Innova Hycross Interior
Innova Hycross Interior

The driver’s seat has ventilation, as do the passenger seats, although that is electronically adjustable by only the driver who adjusts them to the passenger’s preferred position. The memory capacity for up to two settings, a recent addition, improves ease.

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The colour scheme is excellent, and the dual-tone treatment across the side panels of each door and on the dashboard gives everything a wonderful, smooth touch. Excellent visuals are provided by the instrument cluster, which changes colour according to the selected driving mode. The readouts are easy to interpret, and the hybrid system also lets you see the energy flow. Numerous more features are added to the steering wheel, such as the ability to switch between different cruise control speeds, change the volume of the music, and activate a voice assistant.

Having a greater ride height improves the comfort of sitting. The ZX model we tested lacked a few essential features, such as a wireless charging panel in the space on the dashboard that would normally be used to put a smartphone in front of the co-passenger. The ZX(O) package comes with a few more features.

Innova Hycross

Although the Toyota Innova Hycross design has undergone a significant transformation, there are still a few subtle design cues from the original Toyota Innova. When you look carefully, particularly in profile, you can see that this car has an MPV style even though it first gives the impression of being an SUV.

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The front portion is evocative of the new Toyota Hilux pickup truck with a new honeycomb mesh grille in the form of a hexagon wrapped by a lot of chrome, new pairs of LED headlights and DRLs, all of which have sharp creases. Innova is lettered in chrome on the bottom portion of the hood, and the “T” logo is clearly visible in the centre. The massive bumpers’ chrome accents enhance the appearance of the SUV in its entirety.

Innova Hycross

When seen from the side, the Innova HyCross resembles the outgoing Innova almost exactly, but for the tapering back end, smaller windows, and bigger 18-inch alloy wheels. The third row’s quarter glass has also been shrunk, taking up less room than in earlier iterations. The word “Hybrid” is written on either side, indicating that the heart is a hybrid.
With LED-lit wraparound taillights and a strong bumper, the back preserves the familial look.

Additionally, the posture fits nicely with the overall proportions. So, although the SUV-inspired form of the Innova HyCross may take some getting used to, the new design makes the Innova seem even more modern and elegant than it did before.

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Second-Row Space
The second row is where most owners choose to sit and let it be more clear that the comfort seems to tell you, it has much-improved comfort. Even the problems of taller passengers seem to be sorted out owing to the comfort of the seats and the plenty of knee space. On speed bumps, the headroom can rub up against the headliner, which should be somewhat concerning to the users.

Due to the large panoramic sunroof, the interior seems spacious, and the seats themselves are quite well-supported. There are also options for ambient lighting. This furnishes comfort to a satisfying level without sacrificing the minimum amount of toughness required.

Additionally, the backrest of these seats has a well-proportioned scooping that offers sufficient lumbar support. The “boss seat package” would have been replete with ventilation for the rear seat. Customers will undoubtedly be drawn in by the broad reclining aspect of these captain seats. You can almost lie on these chairs thanks to the electrically folding footrests that stretch nearly 90 degrees.

Additionally, there are enough practical components to provide a cosy environment inside. You now get two distinct temperature control settings, two type C charging ports, dual-zone climate control, a separate space for your tablets and phones, and cupholders on the centre console, among other things.

Third-Row Space
Even though the second row’s seats cannot be folded down, there is just enough room to enter easily. Even though the seats take some time to adjust and recline, two passengers will be comfortable in the third row because there is just enough room for their knees and under-thigh support for a brief ride. However, the space is just suitable for three youngsters, if I were to describe the space. By its virtue, even lengthy travels would seem enjoyable. However, taking into account the accommodative facilities for adults, it would have been better to provide a larger quarter glass.


Overall, the spacing of the cabin seems to be pleasant. You have window coverings made of plush materials. The door armrest is covered in soft material as well. The middle-row seats have plenty of back-and-forth roller adjustment when there are more passengers on board, making room for third-row passengers. Second-row passengers won’t be able to tuck their feet under the front seats due to the floor-mounted battery pack, however, it can always be used as a footrest.

Ride and Handling:
The engine in this updated Innova HyCross no longer vibrates or makes annoying noises. Additionally, using Power, Normal, and Eco driving modes makes it much more pleasurable. When you need power, you need to gas the floor, and the petrol engine takes over. Although there has been some debate over the new e-CVT unit’s use, we were interested to see how it worked. Our early impressions have been positive.

The Innova drives very smoothly thanks to its hybrid powertrain and CVT gearbox. the Innova is demonstrated as a family car, this is unquestionably a benefit. For extended drives, a solid, sturdy steering wheel is also essential. Adjustments for tilt and telescoping are helpful.

The Hycross exceeds the high standards for comfort and quality set by the Innova Crysta. The suspension just has the right amount of flexibility, and the undulations are hardly perceptible. The bumps feel less severe even if body rolls and vertical movements are controllable. You don’t feel any weight on the floor, and the NVH levels are pretty low because of the monocoque frame. The peaceful cabin, adds to the premium-ness. The Innova has long been the go-to set of wheels for comfort, especially if you want to be driven about. Additionally, going a step further, Hycross also has Ottoman seats.

Transmission and Engine:
Two powertrains are available for the Innova HyCross, including a 2.0-litre petrol engine with a CVT that generates 172 horsepower and 205 pound-feet of peak torque. The other is what we’re currently engaged in. A hybrid powertrain with an electric motor or a self-charging hybrid powertrain (as is called by Toyota) and a 2.0-litre petrol engine.

Innova Hycross Mileage

Impressive for Toyota Cars of this size, the car accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in 9.5 seconds with a combined output of 206Nm and 184 bhp. Upon acceleration, the power from the hybrid engine feels effortless and smooth. The EV mode, in which the vehicle works only on a battery and electric motor is the first thing to be noticed. We never anticipated the Innova being this silent when travelling, so the experience is exactly the same as operating a pure electric car.

Safety Features
The fact that all third-row passengers, even those in the centre seat, are given the proper three-point seatbelts is the most noticeable feature. There is obviously room for improvement, especially given the practical conveniences like separate cupholders, and phone storage, which has just one 12 Volt charging port. There are no third-row airbags, although it has six airbags overall, including front and curtain airbags.

Additionally, for keeping your family safe, the Innova HyCross debuts Level 2 ADAS capabilities, which support a variety of driving aids for the said purpose. Pre-collision systems, automatic high beams, rear cross-traffic alerts, blind-spot monitors, dynamic radar-guided cruise controls, and lane-tracing assistance are also included in the vehicle.

Toyota Hycross price in India
Toyota Innova Hycross on road price in India

Toyota Innova Hycross price

The Hycross upholds the virtuous Innova name and has the assurance to carry on the tradition. The Mahindra XUV700 and the Tata Safari both have third-row airbags, so they are the only features that are lacking. Their absence, however, does not make a difference.

Innova Hycross price in India: Given that it is going to be placed higher than the Innova Crysta, the HyCross will cost more. The standard 2.0-litre trim with naturally aspirated fuel has a cost of approximately Rs. 24.8 lakh, while the fully equipped 2.0-liter strong hybrid model has a cost of around Rs. 32.5 lacs (ex-showroom price). The combination is even more alluring when seen as a less expensive alternative to the Kia Carnival and Skoda Kodiaq.



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