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The Power of the 2023 Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate

Aston Martin is announcing the DBS 770 Ultimate in a limited edition of 499 to send off the current-generation DBS with a bang. Aston claims that this is their most potent production vehicle ever due to the 5.2-liter aston martin dbs v12 – 759 horsepower.

The company’s 110th anniversary of its founding on January 15, 1913, is commemorated with the unique automobile, which has already sold out. According to Aston, the coupe costs $387,600, while the convertible costs $415,960.

The DBS 770 Ultimate Volante, a 199-unit limited run of convertible variants of the DBS 770 Ultimate, has been photographed by Aston Martin. They have all already been sold.

Aston martin dbs 770 Ultimate

The 2023 Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate is a high-performance luxury sports car designed for the discerning driver who demands the best. It features a sleek and aerodynamic design with an aggressive stance that hints at the power lurking under the hood. This car is built to go fast, with a top speed of over 211 mph and a 0-60 mph of just 3.4 seconds.

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Aston Martin DBS 770 Performance

Under the hood, the Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate is powered by a 5.2-liter V12 engine that has been tuned to produce an incredible 770 horsepower. This engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission that provides seamless and lightning-fast gear changes. The car also features a quad exhaust system that delivers a deep and throaty exhaust note that will turn heads wherever you go.

The DBS 770 Ultimate also comes with advanced performance features like a carbon fiber body, a limited-slip differential, and a tuned suspension system that provides excellent handling and stability even at high speeds.

2023 aston martin vantage
DBS car

Aston Martin DBS interior

The exterior of the Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate is a work of art, with aerodynamic lines that flow smoothly from front to back. The car features a carbon fiber body that reduces weight and improves performance and a large front grille and side vents that help cool the powerful engine. The car sits on 21-inch wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires that provide excellent grip and handling.

The interior of the DBS 770 Ultimate is just as impressive as the exterior, with high-quality materials and advanced technology throughout. The car features leather seats with diamond stitching, a suede headliner, and carbon fiber accents that give the cabin a sporty and luxurious feel.

Aston martin models

The car also comes with a 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system that provides access to a wide range of features, including navigation, climate control, and audio controls. Other features include a premium sound system, wireless charging, and a 360-degree camera system that provides excellent visibility in all directions.

The Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate comes with a range of advanced safety features that provide peace of mind on the road. These features include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking. The car also features a range of airbags and a reinforced carbon fiber safety cell that provides excellent protection during a collision.

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Aston DBS reviews

The 2023 Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate is the ultimate driving machine for those who demand the best in style, performance, and technology. With its powerful engine, advanced performance features, and luxurious interior, this car is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.


What is the Aston Martin DBS 770 price?

Aston Martin DBS price has not yet been announced.

When will the DBS 770 Ultimate be available?

The car is expected to be available for purchase in 2023.

What is the top speed of the Aston Martin DBS 770

The car has a top speed of over 211 mph.

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